What Every Single Dad Needs to Know About His Daughter’s Prom Dress!

If you are a single prom dressdad with a daughter who will be graduating this spring, then Prom preparations are upon you.  Here are a few pointers to prepare you for this experience.

  1. Shopping for the dress is part of the whole experience.
  2. The dress will be expensive.  Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 and up.
  3. She will compare her dress with all her friends, or decide not to reveal it to absolutely anybody until the day of the Prom.
  4. In the months prior to purchasing the dress she will have spent endless hours online searching for just the right dress.  There will be a photo of her favourite one(s) on her phone.
  5. She and her friends will form a Facebook Page just for them and their cherished dresses.  Here they will post their dress.  Be clear, this is so that nobody else wears the same dress.
  6. If she buys the dress at a “reputable” store, they will have a list of all the dresses sold for school proms and grads.  They will ensure they don’t sell the same dress to more than one girl at any particular school.
  7. Shoes…they are a big deal and the purchase is equally is stressful as the dress purchase.
  8. She and “all her friends” will expect to be getting their hair, nails, and makeup professionally done for the special day.  Don’t be afraid to put some limits on this. Scaling down to 1 or 2 professional services is reasonable.  Although, I will mention scheduling a makeup session is a wonderful gift you can give your daughter.  All girls need to know how to properly apply makeup.  This opportunity is as good as any. 

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