National Fatherhood Initiative

Some tips from the National Fatherhood Initiative for helping your kids celebrate their mom, single Dads.  (via Fatherhood Resources :: Articles :: Celebrating Mother’s Day) … [Read more...]

I Am Special in Two Places

Poodle bedroom

I have one family, but we live in two homes. My mom’s house … and my dad’s house.   At my mom’s house my room is 2 different colours of pink and has poodles on the walls that … [Read more...]

Kids want to know you Listening to Roland Warren, President of National Fatherhood Initiative, gave me goosebumps. “Children don’t want to know about you, they want … [Read more...]

Kleinspiration: Celebrate Science Week: Science Websites

Kleinspiration: Celebrate Science Week: Science WebsitesNeed homework help, single Daddies? … [Read more...]

Does your child have a cell phone?

cell phone

Single daddies, does your child have a cell phone for this school year? According to EDNews Parent, SEXTING AND INTERNET SAFETY are one of the top ten concerns for today’s parent. It’s … [Read more...]

Facebook rules for kids

Single daddies, do you have children on Facebook? Rule #1: Make sure you are their “friend” and that you actively use Facebook yourself! You need to know the ins and outs of this … [Read more...]

How Not to be a Deadbeat Dad

How Not to be a Deadbeat DadThis is an empowering article. Thanks for posting it on your blog, Upbeat Dad! … [Read more...]

It’s a dads life It’s a Dad’s Life. Love this.  Thanks to for posting.(Source: … [Read more...]

Do your kids light up when they see you?

One of the most important things I ever heard on an Oprah Show was from Toni Morrison. She asks all parents: “When your child walks in the room, does your face light up?”. I love this … [Read more...]

7 Habits for Child/Teen Success

7 Habits for Child/Teen SuccessDaddies, these tips from Every Child Healthy website gives some fantastic suggestions for creating balance in Daddies house. Life can be hectic. Instilling these habits … [Read more...]