Amazing resources for dads

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Tips for parenting separately but successfully

What a strange idea to think that now you are parenting separately.  Here are some good tips for collaborative parenting.  The rules are different.  A united front is still very important when it … [Read more...]

Kleinspiration: Celebrate Science Week: Science Websites

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Family Dinner after divorce

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Divorce: is it realy that hard? Divorce is Not the End of the World:  A fantastic book written by kids for kids.  Well organized in a simple format, this book is perfect for school age … [Read more...]

Daddy on Board: Slow Crawl

#35 “Baby Takes a Slow Crawl Forward” - The Daddy on Board (by DaddyonBoard ) Daddy on Board!  I love it.  Love to hear a dad’s take on the important little tidbits that take over … [Read more...]

Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce

Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce Children of divorce who stay in touch with both parents must become travelers between two worlds. Even those whose parents have an amicable … [Read more...]


This is the year, according to many experts, when stepfamilies will outnumber first families in the U.S. One in three Americans is now a “step” of some sort — stepparent, stepsibling, or … [Read more...]