Is Your Medicine Cabinet Ready?


Now that you are a single dad, and the kids are living part time at daddy's house it's time to be prepared for some basic medical emergencies.  Stocking up your medicine cabinet is a must and will … [Read more...]

Step 1: Start with Tootbrushes


Got the basics for your children’s second home?  Start with a toothbrush, pj’s, and a special pillow case for their new room.  This is their second home.  Having their own belongings at … [Read more...]

Organizing Two Families?

google calendar

Are you a co-parenting single dad? If so, then organizing a calendar for 2 families is a big undertaking. An online calendar,where others (like your co-parent) can be invited to go online to input … [Read more...]

Are your kids still arriving with a suitcase?

Daddies? Are your kids still lugging a suitcase to go to Daddy’s house? It’s time to set up your home so your kids feel less of a visitor and more of a sense of belonging in their second home with … [Read more...]