Are your kids still arriving with a suitcase?

Daddies? Are your kids still lugging a suitcase to go to Daddy’s house? It’s time to set up your home so your kids feel less of a visitor and more of a sense of belonging in their second home with … [Read more...]

Read with your kids

Reading with your children is one of the most bonding experiences daddies can have with their children. Do you have younger children?  Any child up to grade 3 or 4 would highly benefit from the … [Read more...]

Cook like a dad Ok, daddies…here’s your chance to cook a nice fish dinner for your kids.  Easy, peasy I tell you!  Watch Cook Like a Dad to see how to whip up … [Read more...]

Mom’s House Dad’s House

Daddies, empower yourself with as much information as possible.  There are lots of great books out there but start with this one. Mom’s House, Dad’s House by Isolini Ricci . I love the … [Read more...]

Crockpot Stew Great recipe for single dads….take a look at this video for crockpot stew! (Source: … [Read more...]


This is the year, according to many experts, when stepfamilies will outnumber first families in the U.S. One in three Americans is now a “step” of some sort — stepparent, stepsibling, or … [Read more...]

Celebrating Hanukkah

Jewish Daddies!  Are you ready for Hanukkah? Check out this website for lots of tips and ideas for celebrating the holiday with your children this week. Jewish Holidays … [Read more...]

Stocking Stuffers

Cyber Monday!  Good day to stock up on some stocking stuffers….or better yet single dads…. let The Daddy Whisperer do it for you.  :) … [Read more...]

Making a list and checking it twice…

Daddy!  Do you have your Christmas list together?  Let the Daddy Whisperer organize your shopping for you this Christmas. … [Read more...]

Transforming daddy’s home

Transforming Daddy’s New Home….It is possible for children to develop happy and emotionally balanced lives after divorce. Transforming daddy’s new house into a home will play an … [Read more...]