Holiday Blues for Some Children in Our Classrooms

‘The holidays can be a stressful time for many children and their families. Teachers can help ease the tension by paying attention to the needs of children who may not be extraordinarily happy … [Read more...]

Hallowe’en and Co-Parenting

(via Richard “RJ” Jaramillo: Halloween: New Rules in Co-Parenting) Hallowe’en is a big night for the kids.  Hallowe’en may be one of the trickiest events to navigate as a single parent and … [Read more...]

One family two homes…

One family, two homes. Janice Pugsley … [Read more...]

Kids want to know you Listening to Roland Warren, President of National Fatherhood Initiative, gave me goosebumps. “Children don’t want to know about you, they want … [Read more...]

Kleinspiration: Celebrate Science Week: Science Websites

Kleinspiration: Celebrate Science Week: Science WebsitesNeed homework help, single Daddies? … [Read more...]

Lunch Ideas?

Running out of lunch ideas already?  Check out these ideas from BloggerMoms. … [Read more...]

Does your child have a cell phone?

cell phone

Single daddies, does your child have a cell phone for this school year? According to EDNews Parent, SEXTING AND INTERNET SAFETY are one of the top ten concerns for today’s parent. It’s … [Read more...]

Facebook rules for kids

Single daddies, do you have children on Facebook? Rule #1: Make sure you are their “friend” and that you actively use Facebook yourself! You need to know the ins and outs of this … [Read more...]

dadzclub: back to school special – homework

dadzclub: back to school special - homeworkHow have the kids settled back into school routines? Great article for getting kids organized. … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids Safe

Are you a single dad with a child with a life threatening allergy?  These epipen pouches are great for going back to school.  Lots of cool and hip designs to choose from.  Keep your child safe.   … [Read more...]