The Upbeat Dad: A lesson for divorcing dads

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Ravioli cupcake lasagna


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Prescription Medicines?

ventolin puffer

  Do your children require prescription medicines?  Be sure to ask your doctor for doubles of everything.  One set for Mommy’s house, one set for Daddy’s house.  Transporting important … [Read more...]

Is Your Medicine Cabinet Ready?


Now that you are a single dad, and the kids are living part time at daddy's house it's time to be prepared for some basic medical emergencies.  Stocking up your medicine cabinet is a must and will … [Read more...]

Step 1: Start with Tootbrushes


Got the basics for your children’s second home?  Start with a toothbrush, pj’s, and a special pillow case for their new room.  This is their second home.  Having their own belongings at … [Read more...]

I Am Special in Two Places

Poodle bedroom

I have one family, but we live in two homes. My mom’s house … and my dad’s house.   At my mom’s house my room is 2 different colours of pink and has poodles on the walls that … [Read more...]

Facebook and Your Kids

    Single daddies, do you have children on Facebook? Rule #1: Make sure you are their “friend” and that you actively use Facebook yourself! You need to know the ins and outs of … [Read more...]

Organizing Two Families?

google calendar

Are you a co-parenting single dad? If so, then organizing a calendar for 2 families is a big undertaking. An online calendar,where others (like your co-parent) can be invited to go online to input … [Read more...]

What Are Your Kids Reading?

Is daddy’s house filled with lots of amazing stuff to read? Fill their rooms with a fantastic selection they just can’t put down. Variety is key. This is a fantastic article about comics … [Read more...]

Daddies and Daughters

Oh, wow.  As a mother of three daughters, and someone who has always loved being with her own dad, this is a fantastic list and it is bang on.  If you have a daughter, single dads this article is … [Read more...]