I Am Special in Two Places

Poodle bedroom

I have one family,

but we live in two homes.

My mom’s house … and my dad’s house.


At my mom’s house my room is 2 different colours of pink and has poodles on the walls that my mom and dad painted.

My room is like Paris.

At my dad’s house my room is turquoise and reminds me of being somewhere warm near the ocean.

At my mom’s house I have Truffles.

At  daddy’s we have Nemo.  My dad meant to buy a fish but came home with a puppy.

Truffles and Nemo are friends.

When I’m at daddy’s house I take a school bus to school.

At mommy’s I walk.

I like having 2 homes when it’s my birthday.

I get to have 2 parties which means 2 birthday cakes.

I’ve lost 7 teeth at my mom’s house.  And 3 at my dad’s.

The tooth fairy always finds me.

I have some favourite things at both my homes.

I like being in both places for different reasons.

But mostly I like feeling special in two places.

We are still one family,

we just live in two homes.

by Janice Ferguson Pugsley


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