Halloween Checklist for Dads

Dad’s Hallowe’en Checklist



Got it all together with all the accessories and necessary makeup?

Reflective Tape

Light up your kids with reflective armbands, flashing safety lights, or reflective tape.

Candy Bag

Any pillow case, pumpkin bucket, or sturdy plastic bag and tuck a couple of extras in your pockets, daddies!

Hats and Mitts

It’s going to be chilly, dads.  Dig out some warm clothes to add to the costume.


Always handy.


Get it ready at the front door.  Putting it in a bowl makes shelling out easier.


If you can’t carve it outside, lots of newspaper all over the floor helps enormously for cleanup.  Make it easier for your kids to participate buy purchasing one of those special carving kits that make it safe for kids to carve too.


Nothing worse Hallowe’en night than running around looking for the perfect candle for your jack-o-lantern. Get the lighter ready too! 

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