Holidays & Celebrations

Have a special holiday or celebration coming up? Look here for creative and cool ideas for making special occasions at daddy's house memorable.

10 Reasons Why a Staycation Might Be the Best Choice for a Single Dad this March Break


No schedules, no appointments, no carpools.  Golden time with your kids with no agendas. It’s a perfect opportunity for your kids to gel with their new home, form attachments to their new … [Read more...]

What Every Single Dad Needs to Know About His Daughter’s Prom Dress!

prom dress

If you are a single dad with a daughter who will be graduating this spring, then Prom preparations are upon you.  Here are a few pointers to prepare you for this experience. Shopping for the … [Read more...]

10 March Break Travelling Tips for Single Dads


 First holiday away with your kids as a single dad?  This is the start of a new tradition for you and your kids. Some planning ahead and organization will ease any anxieties for you and your … [Read more...]

Your Sweetest Little Valentines?


Single dad? Hope you get to spend some precious time with your sweetest little valentines this week.  … [Read more...]

Not With Your Kids for Family Day?


If you are among the percent of single dads who won't celebrate Family Day with their children this weekend, it doesn't mean you can't have a celebration of your own at a different time!  Creating … [Read more...]

A New Year with Daddy

2013 balloons

To all the single daddies...may 2013 bring you wonderful moments with your children. … [Read more...]

Single Dads To Do List for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey illustration

The Single Dad’s To Do List for This Thanksgiving 1.  Remember that your kids just love spending time with you.  The turkey is a perk. 2.  Keep some old traditions like serving turkey and … [Read more...]

American single dads get ready for thanksgiving

Ready for Thanksgiving, American single dads? Ok, to all my American single fathers, got the turkey for Thanksgiving?  Going thru all these celebrations as a single dad for the first time can be … [Read more...]

Halloween Checklist for Dads

halloween 2 girls

Dad’s Hallowe’en Checklist   Costume Got it all together with all the accessories and necessary makeup? Reflective Tape Light up your kids with reflective armbands, flashing safety lights, or … [Read more...]

First Thanksgiving As a Single Dad?

give thanks

First Thanksgiving as a Single Dad? Keep some things the same and some things different.  Creating some new traditions for family celebrations will help in the transition from one home to two … [Read more...]