I Am Special in Two Places

Poodle bedroom

I have one family, but we live in two homes. My mom’s house … and my dad’s house.   At my mom’s house my room is 2 different colours of pink and has poodles on the walls that … [Read more...]

Organizing Two Families?

google calendar

Are you a co-parenting single dad? If so, then organizing a calendar for 2 families is a big undertaking. An online calendar,where others (like your co-parent) can be invited to go online to input … [Read more...]

What Are Your Kids Reading?

Is daddy’s house filled with lots of amazing stuff to read? Fill their rooms with a fantastic selection they just can’t put down. Variety is key. This is a fantastic article about comics … [Read more...]

Do your kids light up when they see you?

One of the most important things I ever heard on an Oprah Show was from Toni Morrison. She asks all parents: “When your child walks in the room, does your face light up?”. I love this … [Read more...]

NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Homework Station…

NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Homework Station...A homework station at Daddy’s house is key.  Check out these designs at No Place Like Home by designer Stephen Saint-Onge.  … [Read more...]

Homework at Dad’s house

Homework at Daddy’s House: Daddies, take the stress out of doing homework at Daddy’s house by setting up a great homework station. Start with good lighting, supplies like pencils, rulers, … [Read more...]

Weekends with dad

Daddies, this weekend remind your kids that living in two homes means you are special in two places. … [Read more...]

A sense of belonging

Daddies, how are your children feeling a sense of belonging at Daddy’s house?  Do they have there own room that is set up as their own? Is it set up so that they can leave some personal belongings … [Read more...]

Are your kids still arriving with a suitcase?

Daddies? Are your kids still lugging a suitcase to go to Daddy’s house? It’s time to set up your home so your kids feel less of a visitor and more of a sense of belonging in their second home with … [Read more...]

Mom’s House Dad’s House

Daddies, empower yourself with as much information as possible.  There are lots of great books out there but start with this one. Mom’s House, Dad’s House by Isolini Ricci . I love the … [Read more...]