Daddy's House

Making daddy's house feel like home to your kids is a vital key to the weekly transition from mom's house to dad's house. "Your kids will feel they belong when they no longer show up with a suitcase."

Do Your Children Live in Two Homes? 11 Strategies to Ease the Transition Between Mom’s House and Dad’s House

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by Janice Ferguson Pugsley   According to Christina McGhee, a leading authority on parenting and divorce and author of Parenting Apart, "shifting back and forth between homes has the potential to … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Survive Your Kids and Their Cell Phones:

Sibling Rivalry

A contract!  Sit and discuss this new technology with your children.  Actually sign an agreement.  Take the time to formally discuss this new responsibility with your children.  I love Janell … [Read more...]

Painting the kids rooms?

paint swatches

Painting the Kids’ Rooms? Give your children a sense of ownership at daddy’s house.  Let them pick the colours of the walls! A sense of belonging is paramount for children who live in two … [Read more...]

Is This Your First School Year As a Single Dad?

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Is This Your First School Year as a Single Dad?  If so here are some tips to making this transition a success for your children’s school year at daddy’s house.  1.  You need a homework … [Read more...]

Tips for parenting separately but successfully

What a strange idea to think that now you are parenting separately.  Here are some good tips for collaborative parenting.  The rules are different.  A united front is still very important when it … [Read more...]

National Fatherhood Initiative

Some tips from the National Fatherhood Initiative for helping your kids celebrate their mom, single Dads.  (via Fatherhood Resources :: Articles :: Celebrating Mother’s Day) … [Read more...]

The Kids’ Art Gallery

Does Daddy’s House have a great spot for a gallery of your kids creations?  Pick a spot where they see it as soon as they arrive.  (via our home - - - other metros - by simple thoughts) … [Read more...]

Prescription Medicines?

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  Do your children require prescription medicines?  Be sure to ask your doctor for doubles of everything.  One set for Mommy’s house, one set for Daddy’s house.  Transporting important … [Read more...]

Is Your Medicine Cabinet Ready?


Now that you are a single dad, and the kids are living part time at daddy's house it's time to be prepared for some basic medical emergencies.  Stocking up your medicine cabinet is a must and will … [Read more...]

Step 1: Start with Tootbrushes


Got the basics for your children’s second home?  Start with a toothbrush, pj’s, and a special pillow case for their new room.  This is their second home.  Having their own belongings at … [Read more...]