10 Reasons Why a Staycation Might Be the Best Choice for a Single Dad this March Break


  1. No schedules, no appointments, no carpools.  Golden time with your kids with no agendas.
  2. It’s a perfect opportunity for your kids to gel with their new home, form attachments to their new bedrooms, and develop a sense of ownership in their new home.
  3. Taking all afternoon to prepare a meal together. Then sharing it.
  4. Dinner as a family in your new home every day for 7 days in a row.
  5. Seeing a movie together.
  6. Friend sleepovers.
  7. Outside play in the snow.
  8. Plan for the summer.
  9. Lazy mornings, pj’s all day.
  10. Dad breakfasts that take all morning to make, eggs, bacon, pancakes, the works, like only dad can make.   

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