10 March Break Travelling Tips for Single Dads

 images-6First holiday away with your kids as a single dad?  This is the start of a new tradition for you and your kids. Some planning ahead and organization will ease any anxieties for you and your children.  Get all this together and then just enjoy the new memories that are being created on your family trip together.
1.  Travel Documents:  Of course you won’t get far these days without a passport for everyone but be sure to also include your children’s health cards, and your medical insurance cards. Also a great idea to put photocopies of all these documents inside your luggage.

2.  Prescriptions:  Need to renew any prescriptions for your kids before you leave? Epipens? Puffers? It might take a few days to fill these so don’t leave this one until the last minute.

3.  First Aid Travel Kit: Be “pre-emptive dad” and bring along a small bag of these necessities when you are travelling with children. (And remember to stash in your carry-on luggage.)

  • Children’s Advil
  • Thermometer
  • Gravol
  • Benadryl
  • Polysporin
  • Bandaids
  • Sunscreen

4.  Running Shoes?
  Better try them on before you pack them.  I guarantee the pair they wore last September will no longer fit them.

5.  Bathing Suit and Flipflops: I promise you, have these and all will be well.

6.  In-flight Entertainment:  Don’t bank on movies being shown on your flight.  Empower your kids to entertain themselves by packing a small assortment of in-flight entertainment they can play on their own or together.  And I will add to this you will be very happy they have this bag of entertainment the next time your flight is delayed and all of you are stuck in an airport for 7 hours.  Stuff to include:

  • Book
  • Deck of cards
  • Electronic entertainment device
  • Chargers!

7.  In Flight Snacks:  Although you cannot pack any kinds of liquids to drink ahead of time, a few small packages of snacks are a good idea.  You might be surprised how many flights do not include any kind of snack.  Whether you stash them in Ziploc bags yourself or purchased pre-packed smaller portions, this little bit of energy for your kids will tie everyone over until you reach your hotel.

8.  Kid’s Travel Backpack: Empower your children and get them involved in the trip planning.  Give each of them a small bag or backpack for travelling.  Careful not to load it up with too much stuff but include the following:

  • in-flight entertainment (with chargers!)
  • in-flight snacks
  • room enough to stash their hoodie once they land!

9.  Child Friendly Luggage
  Depending on how many children you have in tow this March Break, lugging 4 suitcases around by yourself, dad, could be taxing.  Get your kids involved by purchasing easy gliding suitcases that they can manage themselves through the airport.  Make sure it’s large enough to pack everything you need for your entire vacation.  One larger bag is easier to manage than several smaller.  We only have so many hands!  Don’t get enticed by those cute little pieces of luggage created just for “little kids”.  Not worth toting around for the amount of items you can pack in them.  4 spinning wheels, and an extendable handle are a must. And don’t buy black!  Get a colour you can easily identify or add something decorative to your suitcase like some ribbon or stickers.  Need some ideas for recommended luggage?  Google some luggage preview websites or check out this one from Good Housekeeping:   http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/product-reviews/travel-products/luggage-reviews/

10.Carry-on Luggage:  We’ve tried all different methods while travelling, check all your luggage, don’t check any luggage, carry-on, no carry-on.  It’s my experience that when travelling with children it’s imperative to have at least one piece of carry-on luggage in the event that you should arrive at a different island resort than your children.  Here’s a list of stuff to pack in your carry-on luggage:

  • photocopies of all important documents, passports, health cards, medical insurance cards
  • prescription medicines
  • Children’s First Aid Travel Kit
  • bathing suits and flipflops (one set for everyone)
  • toiletries
  • emergency credit card
  • chargers for your electronic devices, phones, cameras, etc.

Have a wonderful holiday with your children.


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